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Weekly Newsletter 7/18/14

Some things never change….once again GCTri was all over the podium this past weekend.  Congrats to our teammates that competed.  At the Coney Island Aquathlon we had: Heather Cameron (1:07, 3rd Female OA, 1st AG), Cheryl Wickham (1:36, 2nd AG); At War at the Shore we had: Jenny Zarzuela (1:20, 2nd Athena); at Double-Mussel: Maria Wedgeworth (7:14, 4th Female [1:27 Sprint, 2nd AG; 5:47 Half]), RJ Boergers (6:59 [1:24 Sprint, 5:34 Half]); Steelman 3.2mi OWS: Nicole Ogrosso(1:24);  at Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic: Jared Lando (2:29), Laura Muzzatti (3:03). Good luck to all of our teammates racing NJ State Triathlon and to Lyndsey Dore at IRONMAN UK this weekend!  As usual, please be sure to share your race results on the team webpage –

It’s your last chance to sign up for the GCTri picnic after the Olympic race at NJ State.  Please let us know what you are bringing –  Remember we are racing for Team 2N’s in support of our friend Glenn Hartrick.  We will have blue bracelets, t-shirts and GCTri visors available for purchase to show your support and look good on race day.

We’ve got some options for rides for you this weekend.  All rides will depart the 14th St. Ferry Pier.  Saturday: Maria is leading an “A ride” 85mi towards Bear Mtn departing at 6am; Kristine is leading an “A riders”  & Andrew is leading “B riders” to State Line leaving at 7:00am; Brad is leading a “B ride” to Nyack at 9:00am.  Happy Training!

Weekly Newsletter 6/6/14

Congrats to our teammates on some rather strong finishes this past weekend: at Blackbear Olympic – Rich Bean (2:31, 6th AG), Matt Vella (2:49), Rebecca Gauthier (3:14); at Blackbear Half – Carsten Hansen (4:57, 4th OA), Nicci Schock (6:47, 3rd AG), Cheryl Tuosto (7:57); at Rev3 Quassy Olympic – John Callahan (2:55); at Rev3 Quassy Half – Matt Bach- a very impressive (4:29, 2nd OA), Steve Su (5:23), Todd Olsen (6:20), Martin Skolnick (6:48); and at Skylands Tour de Cure: Brian Lovato (3:51).
Good luck to or teammates racing IRONMAN Eagleman 70.3, Escape the Cape, Pawling Triathlon, Patanella’s Flat as a Pancake Triathlon, NJ Highlands Gran Fondo & Wyckoff YMCA Lap the Lake OWS. Don’t forget to send in your results to the website:
The June Social will be held on Thursday 6/12 at 7pm at Wicked Wolf. Be sure and tell them that you are there for “Happy Hour with Kelly Calabrese” and get a bracelet for drink specials. Come hang out with the group when we’re not all wearing spandex.
We’ve got many options for rides this weekend. As usual, all rides depart the 14th st. ferry pier. Saturday: Haskell is leading a 5hr “easy paced A ride” leaving at 7am; Nicci is leading a “B” ride to Piermont (~45mi) leaving at 8:30am. On Sunday: Maria is leading a 65mi “A” ride leaving at 6:30am; Nicci is leading a 2hr “C” ride leaving at 7am. Lisa is leading a 50mi “B” ride leaving at 8am. Happy training!

Weekly Newsletter 5/16/14

Congrats to our GCTri teammates who had awesome finishes at the HOHA 5 Mile Classic last weekend: Heather Cameron (39:32), Diane Berry (50:59), Anthony DeSantis (40:19), Christina Ippolito (43:35), Christine Hadermayer (38:31).    Please remember to submit your results to the club website It’s a big week of racing this weekend!  Good luck to our teammates at Jerseyman, Harryman, Red Bank Triathlon, IRONMAN Texas 70.3 and Gran Fondo NY.

We’ve got a great week in store for you!  On Monday 5/19, Nicci Schock will be speaking at the Triathlete Nutrition Seminar at 7pm at The Running Company.  On Thursday 5/22, we will be having a social at 7pm (location TBD based on weather – hopefully we can go somewhere outside – stay tuned for more information).  If you haven’t made a track workout yet you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s extremely motivating when you see over 20 of your teammates working hard; there’s plenty of different pace groups so stop by!

Rides this weekend:  Please keep in mind that Gran Fondo NY is on Sunday so 9W is going to be closed! On Saturday we have 2 rides scheduled: 8:00am – Raphael will be leading an “A” ride to Nyack (~50mi); at 8:30am – Lisa will be leading a “B”ride to Nyack (~50mi).  All rides depart from the 14th St. ferry pier.  Please keep on eye on the group FB page and club calendar for other additional options.

Weekly Update 4/25/14

Congratulations to Mike Guglielmo with the awesome time of 2:47 at Boston Marathon!  Good luck to our GCTri members racing the Long Branch Half Marathon: Lisa Mangino, Deb Noble, Nicole Ogrosso and Todd Olsen; and RJ Boergers racing NJ Marathon.

It’s time to get social again.  Come out and hang with the team in a spandex free environment on Saturday 4/26 at Moran’s at 4pm.  This will be the last weekend social.  As the weather gets nicer, we will rotate the locations and will be meeting for happy hours during the week.

If you are racing Timberman 70.3 and you are looking for housing, the team has secured a nice house for the weekend.  Contact Nicole Ogrosso: if interested.  Limited spaces are available.

There are some great weekend rides planned (all rides meet up at 14th St. ferry pier).  On Saturday, Nicci will be leading a no drop “B” ride up to state line that will depart at 9am.  On Sunday, Laura Muzzatti will be leading a “B” ride up to state line that depart at 9am.  At 9:30am, Nicci will lead a no drop “C” ride (distance to be determined by group).  For up to date changes/additions/cancellations, please visit the club calendar for details:

Weekly Newsletter 4/4/14

Congrats to former GCTri president Andrew Shore for his awesome 4:49 performance at IRONMAN 70.3 California Oceanside.  Good luck to Raphael Zagury racing IRONMAN 70.3 Texas this weekend.

Are you coming to the Fun Race tomorrow @ 2pm?  If you plan on attending please check the club calendar – it’s gonna be a fun time. We will definitely be heading out for drinks after.   Special thanks to Kelly Calabrese for organizing!

Carsten Hansen is in the process of organizing a Memorial Day weekend training camp trip to the Catskills.  If you wish to be included please fill out the google survey:

We have a very important Education Series planned for next weekend (4/12).  We will be doing a Transition Clinic and Bike Skills Clinic all in one afternoon at Liberty State Park.  It is recommended that all newbies come and even the vets who are looking to brush up on their skills.

There are a couple possibilities for weekend rides for the weekend.  Laura Muzzatti may be leading a Saturday morning ride, and Maria Wedgeworth may be leading a Sunday morning ride.  Please check the club calendar and/or FB group for details.  All rides depart from the 14th St. Ferry Pier.

Weekly Newsletter 3/28/14

Congratulations to GCTri members who competed at Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, DE. Matt Bach (1:16, 9th OA) and Jared Tootell (1:16, 12th OA) crushed it! At Michelob Ultra NYC Half Marathon Kevin Portmann finished a super fast (1:20, 5th OA).

There are some exciting upcoming events on the calendar:  On April 5th we will have the 1st Annual Fun Race (this is a team format with different mental and physical challenges).  It promises to be a good time.  On April 12th we will be having a Transition/Bike Handling clinic in Liberty State Park.  If you intend on joining the group rides you really should participate – it will enhance the safety of the group.  If you are new to triathlon or looking for a few time saving tips there will be plenty to learn from the transition clinic.

Steve Rosselli is looking to ride tomorrow.  In checking the weather it looks like an early ride may be the best way to beat the rain.  Folks wishing to meet up with teammates to ride tomorrow should coordinate through the facebook site.  Official weekend group rides will start in April.  The Thursday morning hill repeat rides have been added to the calendar in anticipation of nice weather.  All riders must have front and rear lights for safety (it’s still very dark out at 5:40am).