Weekly Newsletter 3/28/14

Congratulations to GCTri members who competed at Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, DE. Matt Bach (1:16, 9th OA) and Jared Tootell (1:16, 12th OA) crushed it! At Michelob Ultra NYC Half Marathon Kevin Portmann finished a super fast (1:20, 5th OA).

There are some exciting upcoming events on the calendar:  On April 5th we will have the 1st Annual Fun Race (this is a team format with different mental and physical challenges).  It promises to be a good time.  On April 12th we will be having a Transition/Bike Handling clinic in Liberty State Park.  If you intend on joining the group rides you really should participate – it will enhance the safety of the group.  If you are new to triathlon or looking for a few time saving tips there will be plenty to learn from the transition clinic.

Steve Rosselli is looking to ride tomorrow.  In checking the weather it looks like an early ride may be the best way to beat the rain.  Folks wishing to meet up with teammates to ride tomorrow should coordinate through the facebook site.  Official weekend group rides will start in April.  The Thursday morning hill repeat rides have been added to the calendar in anticipation of nice weather.  All riders must have front and rear lights for safety (it’s still very dark out at 5:40am).