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Weekly Newsletter/Weekend Ride

Hello All,
GC Tri takes 1st and 2nd overall at the Lincoln Park Triathlon!  Congrats to Scott Duprex and Will Reagan for showing everyone what GC Tri is about!  Congrats as well to Eva Kovacs, finishing her first of three Ironmans this year in Austria in 14:58!
This weekend we have a early bird beat the heat ride leaving at 6:00 AM from the 14th St Ferry on Saturday.
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend at Rhode Island 70.3, Vice Versa, or anywhere else.  Keep sending in these amazing results!
Happy Training,

Weekly Newsletter/Weekend Ride

Hi All,
My apologies to Dave Pietrangelo for not including his great result last week at the Hoboken Pump and Run.  He was able to bench 145 pounds 26 times then take off for a 5k finishing in 4th place overall!  This past weekend we had some solid results at the Lincoln Tunnel 5k.  Derek Barnes in 19:42, Joe Giattino in 20:07 and Allison Twarowski in 24:25.  At the XTerra Jersey Devil Tri, Scott Duprex took 9th overall and Rich Bean took third in his age group.  Finally, congrats to Steve Su and Matt Mustich for taking 10th and 20th overall at the West Point Duathlon!
This weekend Jen Finotti will be leading a group ride on Saturday leaving the 14th Ferry at 7:00 AM.  On Sunday Rich Bean will be leading the group ride leaving the 14th St Ferry at 7:30 AM.
There is also a group that will be riding the Escape from Palisades Half Marathon on Sunday.  They are going to leave from the 14th St Ferry at 7:15 AM sharp so get there a few minutes early if you want to join them.  There is a bike storage at the race, so take advantage of getting in a nice brick without having to worry about your bike getting stolen.  Because of this race the park road will be closed to all bikes and cars from 9AM to Noon so avoid it.
Happy Training,

Thursday Morning Ride

THURSDAY MORNING hill repeats are ON! 5:40am sharp we leave 14th street Hoboken @ the water. Do you own pace up to the park and we’ll meet at the park entrance, then head into the park. We’ll leave the park at 6:30am and race (safely) home. Bring lights, it’s dark!

6am predicted weather: 46F, 63% humidity, 13mph wind NW and 6:21 am sunrise.


Thursday Morning Ride

Andre will be leading a group ride departing from 14th st ferry at 540am sharp.  Sun rises at 643am so please bring lights.  The morning temperature looks pleasant at about 51 degrees.  Please remember to keep the below guidelines in mind when riding in a group (GCTri’s or any group).

To avoid most crashes, these simple rules need to be followed on all group rides.  Anybody that is found repeatedly not abiding by these rules will be removed from any GC Tri group ride:

1.     Stay alert at all times.  Look around – it is natural to stare at the wheel directly in front of you. Be sure to look ahead so that you can respond to any issues on the road or issues that may start ahead of you in a pace line.|
2.     Follow the rules of the road.  Do not run red lights or stop signs!
3.     Lights until it is light enough at the start of our rides.
4.     Announce if an intersection is clear before going through it.
5.     Ride Single File when any traffic is nearby (specifically on River Rd.).
6.     Hold your line; do not move from side to side.
7.     Don’t overlap wheels; ensure your front wheel is never beside someone’s rear wheel.
8.     Don’t look back!
9.     Beware of pot holes in the road and announce them to the riders behind you.
10.  Don’t brake unless absolutely necessary.  If you need to brake, it is best to tether your front brakes and do not slam you rear break.  If you need to slow down to stop, move to the outside of the group.
11.  Pass carefully on the left and announce before you do so.  NEVER pass on the right.
12.  When riding in a pace-line move through at a steady pace and make sure you are clear of the front rider before pulling off.  When on the front of the pace-line, keep the groups pace and do not surge your speed.
13. When in a pace-line, do NOT ride in the aero position.

Happy Training,

Safe Riding.

Weekly Newsletter and Weekend Ride

Hello All,
This weekend we have two club rides.  On Saturday, Jen will be leading the group ride leaving the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken at 8:30 AM.  On Sunday Rich will be leading the group ride leaving the 14th St Ferry at 8:30 AM.  There is also a group of us running Palisades Park on Saturday again.  We will be meeting at the Park entrance on River Rd at 8:00 AM if you would like to join.
Don’t forget that the clocks change on Sunday morning so don’t show up an hour late!
Happy Training,

Weekly Newsletter/Weekend Ride

Hello All,

Congrats to our many GC Tri Racers this past weekend!!! At the Jersey Shore Multisport Kick Off, Matt Bach took 3rd overall with Glenn Hartrick coming in 7th close behind. At the Red Bank Olympic Tri Jen Finotti was the 6th overall woman, and Steve Su had a great time in 2:27. At the Superhero Half marathon, Rich Miani had a great race in 1:43, Nicci Schock and Lauren Dagostino kicked butt in 1:45. Griffin McNeese finished the Florida 70.3, his first half ironman in a blistering 4:38, also taking 2nd overall in the swim behind only Andy Potts! Rich Bean took 12th overall at the King of the Hill off road triathlon. And finally at our local Hoha classic, Jared Tootell took the overall win with Will Reagan coming close behind in 10th. Rob Florida also took 3rd in his age group. These are some awesome results, keep up the good work and make us proud!!!

This weekend Nicole will be leading a group ride on Saturday leaving the 14th St Ferry at 8:00 AM. On Sunday Kristen will be leading the group ride leaving the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken at 8:00 AM as well.

Good luck to everyone race the Jerseyman Sprint or Half Ironman this weekend!

Please send in your registration for GC Tri if you haven’t already and don’t forget to fill out the who’s racing form on the web site. The link is located in the top right corner of the page. We want to know when you’re racing!

Happy Training,

GC Tri