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Weekly Newsletter 5/2/14

Congrats to all our GCTri teammates who finished the Long Branch Half Marathon: Carsten Hansen (1:25, 1st AG), Lisa Mangino (2:04), Nicole Ogrosso (1:47), Deb Noble (2:06), Jim Englert (2:00), Todd Olsen (1:43).  Congrats to NJ Marathon finishers: Lyndsey Dore (3:45) and RJ Boergers (3:36).  Good luck to our teammates racing Bassman this weekend: Mark Smith, Carsten Hansen, Jared Lando, & Lyndsey Dore.   Also, good luck to Steve Su, Mike D’Imperio and Steve Rosselli racing Escape the Palisades Half Marathon.  Please remember to submit your results to the club website http://www.gctri.org/race-results/submit-results/

If you ordered GCTri t-shirts or track jackets, please pay via paypal to:   Jen will be placing the order and we will likely have all merchandise in a couple of weeks.

There are three rides to choose from this weekend (all rides meet up at 14th St. Ferry Pier).  On Saturday, Jared Williams is leading a “B”ride up to state line that departs at 8:30am.  Nicci will be leading a “C” ride leaving at 9am (distance determined by group).  On Sunday, Shelley Palumbo will be leading a “B” ride (distance determined by group).  Weather finally looks good – happy training!

Weekly Update 4/25/14

Congratulations to Mike Guglielmo with the awesome time of 2:47 at Boston Marathon!  Good luck to our GCTri members racing the Long Branch Half Marathon: Lisa Mangino, Deb Noble, Nicole Ogrosso and Todd Olsen; and RJ Boergers racing NJ Marathon.

It’s time to get social again.  Come out and hang with the team in a spandex free environment on Saturday 4/26 at Moran’s at 4pm.  This will be the last weekend social.  As the weather gets nicer, we will rotate the locations and will be meeting for happy hours during the week.

If you are racing Timberman 70.3 and you are looking for housing, the team has secured a nice house for the weekend.  Contact Nicole Ogrosso: if interested.  Limited spaces are available.

There are some great weekend rides planned (all rides meet up at 14th St. ferry pier).  On Saturday, Nicci will be leading a no drop “B” ride up to state line that will depart at 9am.  On Sunday, Laura Muzzatti will be leading a “B” ride up to state line that depart at 9am.  At 9:30am, Nicci will lead a no drop “C” ride (distance to be determined by group).  For up to date changes/additions/cancellations, please visit the club calendar for details: http://www.gctri.org/race-calendar/