Weekly Newsletter 5/2/14

Congrats to all our GCTri teammates who finished the Long Branch Half Marathon: Carsten Hansen (1:25, 1st AG), Lisa Mangino (2:04), Nicole Ogrosso (1:47), Deb Noble (2:06), Jim Englert (2:00), Todd Olsen (1:43).  Congrats to NJ Marathon finishers: Lyndsey Dore (3:45) and RJ Boergers (3:36).  Good luck to our teammates racing Bassman this weekend: Mark Smith, Carsten Hansen, Jared Lando, & Lyndsey Dore.   Also, good luck to Steve Su, Mike D’Imperio and Steve Rosselli racing Escape the Palisades Half Marathon.  Please remember to submit your results to the club website http://www.gctri.org/race-results/submit-results/

If you ordered GCTri t-shirts or track jackets, please pay via paypal to:   Jen will be placing the order and we will likely have all merchandise in a couple of weeks.

There are three rides to choose from this weekend (all rides meet up at 14th St. Ferry Pier).  On Saturday, Jared Williams is leading a “B”ride up to state line that departs at 8:30am.  Nicci will be leading a “C” ride leaving at 9am (distance determined by group).  On Sunday, Shelley Palumbo will be leading a “B” ride (distance determined by group).  Weather finally looks good – happy training!