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Tuesday Ride Or Tuesday Track

We are on for tomorrow’s ride – weather looks like it will hold out.

Meet at 5:40am at the 14th St Ferry for a 5:45am sharp departure.

Distance- Approx 20 miles including 3-5 hill repeats in the park.



Hi everyone- here is tomorrow’s track workout:

Warmup: Jog to track, 1 lap + drills
Set 1: 1×1600 @ 5K pace, 60s rest
Set 2: 8×200 @ sprint pace, 30s rest between, 60s after set
Set 3: 1 x1600 @ mile pace, 60s rest
Set 4: 8×100 @ sprint pace, 15s rest between
Cool Down: Jog back to Hoboken

We are utilizing three different paces so I want to be clear about what they mean:
5K pace: fast but a pace you can hold over 3 miles; slower than mile pace, but faster than a pace for a 10K.
Mile pace: slower than a sprint, not holding back too much but sustainable over a mile.
Sprint pace: this is all-out, not holding back any more than necessary to complete the workout.

Meet at 9th & Park at 6:00am or at the track for a 6:15am start. There will also be an alternate time for the workout on Wednesday night at 6:30pm at the track.


Track and Hills

Hi everyone,
We’ll have two run workouts this week:
Tuesday: Hill repeats- meet at Fleet Feet at 6am for a 6:10am start at Stevens. Workout: 10 repeats, led by Michael.
Wednesday: Track Workout- meet at 9th & Park at 6am for a 6:15 start at the track. Workout: 10×400, led by Andrew S.
Please note that this will be the last week of hills. Starting next week the Tuesday & Wednesday morning workouts will combine and we will all move to the track on Wednesday mornings. More details starting next week. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hill Workout

Hi everyone,

We will have our hill repeat run again tomorrow. Meet at Fleet Feet
at 6:15 am or at the Stevens campus gate at 6:25.

See you then!

Hill Run

Hi everyone,
We will continue our Tuesday hill runs tomorrow morning.  We barely finished last week before the snow came and I hear it is coming again tomorrow so come sneak in a run before you can’t see the roads.
Meet at Fleet Feet at 6th & Washington at 6:15am to jog to Stevens or meet us at the campus gate by the steps that go down to Sinatra Drive for the 6:25am start.
And as an alternative, Andrew will be leading a second hill workout on Wednesday- same meeting time and location.


Tuesday Hill Workout

Hi everyone,

Hill repeats tomorrow leaving from Fleet Feet at 615am.  We will jog to Stevens and start the workout around 625am by the steps that go down to Sinatra Drive.  If you see ice in the morning we will cancel, otherwise if it’s only snowing the run will be on.  Please note that Andrew will not be leading a workout on Wednesday.