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Tuesday and Thursday Ride

Tuesday 5:40am ride out of 14th Street ferry in Hoboken. I will stay in my pajamas if it is raining since it might thunderstorm. By 5:50 it will be illuminated enough outside to not be considered night time, but you’ll still need some sort of lights (front white and rear red recommended). Sunrise is squarely when we do hill repeats at 6:18am. We’re back in Hoboken at 7am. Thursday same thing, but as of now no chance of rain!

I forgot when we ended the morning rides last year, but mornings become cold very quickly in September. I think we’ll keep going until at least the beginning of October.

As far as sunrises go, here some fun facts:
7/1 5:29am
8/1 5:53am
9/1 6:23am
10/1 6:53am


Thursday Morning Ride

…Leaving 540am from 14th st ferry, unless it’s raining and heading up to Palisades Park.  Be careful, the roads are slick and watch the painted lines.

Bike Ride

We will be leaving from 14th st ferry tomorrow at 540AM SHARP. This is 5 mins earlier than normal. Let’s get some additional hill repeats in.

Weekend Ride

Ride leaves Saturday from 14th st ferry at 730am. Get out there and go long. Should be a beautiful morning.

Thursday Morning Ride

Hi All,

As long as it isn’t pouring I will be out there leading the ride leaving at 5:40 tomorrow morning from the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken.

Happy Training,

GC Tri

Tuesday Ride

Although its supposed to be 90% rain, we will still try for the ride tomorrow morning.

Meet at: 14th St Ferry – 5:40am for a 5:45am sharp departure. Weather dependent.