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Weekly Newsletter 12/12/14

Thanks to those who came out for the Injury Prevention seminar this past week. The notes were distributed – please feel free to contact Jared or RJ if you have questions. Group exercise activities continue to go strong! We’ve got yoga at Devotion Yoga on Sundays at 2pm and Tuesdays at 8pm. Please sign up on the Doodle Poll – http://doodle.com/gw7qv89gnd58scn5sgkics8f/admin#table

Tuesday morning run workouts have moved from the track to hill repeats at Stevens. We meet at Castle Gate on the Stevens campus (end of 6th St or top of the stairs from Sinatra) at 6am. Don’t miss this opportunity to get stronger.

There are still some folks riding outdoors. I heard from 2 of our ride leaders (Jared and Lisa) that they will likely be riding this weekend. Both stated that they would be doing later start times and would also be departing from Palisades Park as to not deal with the holiday traffic on River Road (which is a great idea). Please reach out to them if you are interested in joining.

Thursday Morning Ride

Andre will be leading a group ride departing 14th st Ferry at 540am sharp.  Bring lights and your climbing legs.  Temps are expected to be in the upper 50s.