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Weekly Newsletter 1/17/14

There is no Saturday morning ride scheduled for tomorrow due to the unfavorable forecast.  Tuesday morning workouts have resumed.  Check on the club calendar for details.

Are you coming to the social on Saturday at Morans?  You should- here’s why: 1.)we will be saying goodbye and good luck to long time GCTri member Missy Manning who is moving to California (I hear there will be delicious muffins brought to celebrate) 2.) we have some awesome raffle prizes 3.) find out what is planned for the year 4.) socialize with other triathletes in a spandex free environment.

Lastly, if you haven’t made it over to Fleet Feet yet to try on the Hincapie club gear – there’s still time!  On Monday, Jen will be returning the fit kit to Hincapie.  The ordering period will be closed shortly after this so that production can begin and we can get our gear before the race season.  Please be responsive to Jen’s requests when ordering so production is not held up.

Hincapie Fit Kits are at Fleet Feet – This week ONLY (3/24-3/29)

Jen has dropped off the Hincapie fit kits at Fleet Feet in Hoboken. There will be a sign-in sheet to see what interest we have and there will also be a list of what items we have and what sizes are available to try on. For a few items we don’t have a full line of sizes because Hincapie didn’t have them available. Men’s bibs are here but the cycle shorts did not arrive. You can still order shorts if you don’t wear bibs. After you try items on, please replace item back into the correctly labeled bag so the next person is able to find the sizes they need. 

Velocity short sleeve cycle jersey
Velocity long sleeve cycle jersey

Velocity cycle short
Velocity cycle bibs (men)
Velocity cycle vest (men)
Element cycle wind polar jacket (heaviest cycle jacket)
Arm Warmers
Fluid Plus Tri short
Fluid plus Tri top
Fluid plus swimskin (one piece-men and women)

We need to hit minimum of 10 of these various items. We will know if we hit the minimums when you create an account and pre-register for the items you would like to purchase. See below….

Hincapie has a new online ordering system called Team Center, and you will need to create an account. Please follow the instructions below to begin your order:

Click the link below to go to the Hincapie Team Center home page. Using the access code provided below, then type name, email, and a password you want to use. This will create an account for you. At this point you will get a message that says you can click an “new order” button. This is not up yet, but will be soon. I will send out an email once the store is setup which will probably be set up end of day Monday. At that point you can log in and click New Order to begin your product selection.


Access Code: goldcoasttriathlon13

Most important thing is to get to fleet feet later today or the next couple days and get your sizes. We will only have the kit this week. 

Once the new GCTri design is finalized by the graphic artist at Hincapie, We will post the artwork on our website and Facebook.