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Weekly Newsletter 1/27/14

Here’s the Monday edition of the newsletter – just to keep you on your toes!

We’ve got awesome news to share: congrats to Nick Teslik and Sam Hill on their recent engagement!  We are super psyched for you guys.  Also, congrats to Maria Wedgeworth on obtaining your US citizenship – I guess you’re no longer just our favorite Swede.

Reminder that tomorrow’s workout will meet in Church Square Park at 6:15am.  The workout consists of plyometrics and dynamic warm up and stretching led by Jared Lando.  Let  Jared know if you are going!  If you are new to the group – RSVP on the club calendar so the group leaders can keep a look out for you.

Time is running out to renew your memberships.  Remember, if you haven’t paid your 2014 dues, your RaceReach account will expire and we will remove folks from the Facebook group as of 1/31/14.  Paying your dues is easy; just visit the website: http://www.gctri.org/login-2/

Wednesday Track Workout

Hi everyone- here is tomorrow’s workout:
Warmup: Jog to track; 1 lap with drills (high knees, butt kicks, lateral, jog)
Main Set: 5 x (200, 200, 400)
Cool Down: Jog back to Hoboken
Pace: 200s @ mile pace with 100 walk recovery after each one; 400s @ 10K pace with 200 recovery (100 walk/100 jog)
Meet at 9th & Park at 6:00am or at the track for a 6:15am start. I will not be there tomorrow so if you meet at 9th & Park please wait until shortly after 6am to leave and make sure you are at the track for the 6:15am start.

Hill Run

Hi everyone,

Come join us for our hill run tomorrow morning before the snow comes.  Meet at Fleet Feet at 6th & Washington at 6:15am to jog to Stevens or meet us at the campus gate by the steps that go down to Sinatra Drive for the 6:25am start.


Tuesday Track Workout

Get excited…We’re doing Yasso 800s tomorrow! Here is the workout:

Warmup: Jog to track, 1 lap striders
Main Set: 7 x 800 @ 5K pace (consistent through sets), 45s standing rest after each
Cool down: Jog back to Hoboken

Meet at 9th & Park at 6:15am to jog to the track or you can meet us at the track on River Rd. in Weehawken for a 6:30am start. We’ll be back in Hoboken by 7:20am this week since it is a longer than usual workout. See you out there.


Tuesday Morning Trackwork

Good evening and sorry for the late post.  615am at 9th and park for the jog to the track, arriving at 630am.  Join us on the run or meet us at the track.

Yasso 800s are on tap.


Jog to Weehawken Track follwed by 2 laps +strides

Main Set: 6×800 @5k pace.  60 seconds rest between each 800.


Jog back to Hoboken.

We will be back in Hobken by 7:15am.  See you in the morning

Thursday Night Track Workout


We have some people racing this weekend so I have created 2 options for the run workout this evening. I am out of town for work so will not be there. Email me if you have any questions.

MEET: 7:30pm @ 11th and Park

WARM-UP: Jog to track, stretch, strides

TEMPO RUNS increase the duration you’re able to sustain a relatively high running pace and increase the speed you’re able to maintain for a long time.
SPEED INTERVALS increase stride power and efficiency.  They are not full sprints; rather, they should be performed at the fastest pace you can maintain through the end of the last interval without slowing down.

8 x 400 on 30-seconds rest
Breakdown each 400 to the following…Hard 200 – EZ 100 – Hard 100
**You don’t have to sprint the hard part. Focus on good form, quick turn-over, relaxed shoulders.

2 x 1600m @ 10k pace on 60-seconds rest
8 x 100 = hard 100 – EZ 100 jog, repeat

COOL DOWN: Jog home

APPROX. TOTAL TIME: 60 minutes