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Weekly Newsletter 5/23/14

Boom – GCTri all over the podium in early season races last weekend (and looking sharp in their GCTri race kits and visors)!!!  Congratulations to all of our talented teammates.  At Harryman Olympic we had: Kevin Portman (2:17, 3rd OA), Carsten Hansen (2:27, 1st AG), Steve Su (2:37, 3rd AG), Jen Sheppard (2:47, 1st AG), Erica Manning (2:59, 3rd AG), Kristine Papamichael (3:16), Matt Vella (3:21); At Jerseyman we had: Dave Calabrese (1:54, 3rd AG), Jared Lando (1:55, 2nd AG), Steve Rosselli (2:12), Heather Cameron (2:21, 2nd AG), Laura Muzzatti (2:32); At IRONMAN Texas we had Chris Gargiulo (11:40); At Red Bank Triathlon we had Mark Horton (1:21; 1st AG {sprint race}), Talis Knets (2:01 {his first ever tri}), Meredith Ryan (3:13), Dave Pietrangelo (2:30), Ed Burke (2:43), Steve Rosselli (2:50), Steve Fulop (2:52), Vito Ciraco (2:46), Mark Rogers (313), Mike Zadroga (3:15, and he got engaged after!); at Brooklyn Half Marathon: Des Johnson (1:43), Christine Hadermayer (1:53), Ed Nutt (1:55); at American Triple T we had: Nicole Ogrosso (12:44 – 2nd OA Female Team); at Pocono Run for the Red Marathon Brian Perry went (3:03; qualified for Boston); at Gran Fondo NY Juan Carlos Buenano finished in (6:13).

Good luck to our club members racing the Great Hudson River Swim, the Nav-E-Sink or Swim and IRONMAN Brazil.

If you ordered items from Custom Ink please contact RJ to figure out a time to pick up your order.  If you want to look awesome at your races, we still have yellow GCTri visors available for $15.

We have a few options for rides this weekend.  All rides meet at the 14th st. ferry pier.  On Saturday:  Matt Vella is leading a 60mi “A” ride to Toga departing at 6:30am.  Nicci Schock is leading a “C” ride through Palisades Park departing at 8am.  On Sunday: Christine Hadermayer is leading a “C” ride (25-30mi pace set by group) leaving at 9am.  Hopefully you can take advantage of the long weekend to get some great training in!