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Weekly Newsletter 2/28/14

Congrats to Mike Guglielmo who crushed the 20 miler at the FebApple 50 under brutal conditions taking home 2nd overall.  Remember, if you want some recognition you need to share your race results on the website! Visit: http://www.gctri.org/race-results/submit-results/

Our sponsor, RoadID is having a 20 day sale for us starting March 1st.  The coupon code (located in the member’s only section of the webpage) is good for 20% off of each order.  We HIGHLY encourage you to wear one during training rides/runs.  We’ve had some members have some bad accidents in the past, so having this is always a good idea. Place your order at http://www.roadid.com

Just a quick reminder that the new co-branded gear from IRONMAN can be ordered until March 7th.  Visit: http://ironmanstore.com/tri-clubs.html

Good luck to Vito Ciraco racing the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon this weekend.  If you have upcoming races, please get them on the calendar so we know you’re racing!

Weekly Newsletter 2/21/14

It’s time to get social!  We are meeting on Saturday 2/22 at Moran’s @ 4pm to enjoy some beverages and the company of good friends.  We will have the GCTri water bottles for you to pick up as well as other club merchandise for purchase.  On special clearance we have the Sugoi tri shorts with the old logo and color scheme for $20 (not a bad thing to have as extra training shorts).

Speaking of merchandise, have you seen the new co-branded gear from IRONMAN?  If you’re interested you have until March 7th to place your order.  Visit: http://ironmanstore.com/tri-clubs.html

Have you signed up for the New Jersey State Triathlon yet?  The olympic distance race is almost sold out so register soon.  One thing that’s new this year is the club will have our own port-a-potty; I’m sure that’s a relief for some of you.

Thanks for your participation in the club survey.  The committee chairs are hard at work analyzing the data to help plan the year.  In fact, you may be hearing from Nicole Ogrosso regarding the mentor program in the near future.  If you haven’t already taken the survey, kindly visit the attached hyperlink https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QUk2714QtnqcWXo5m8ZasDUKNyrn_XS5Y_7nysHgaFU/viewform

Good luck to our GCTri members Mike Guglielmo and Andrew Corcione racing the FebApple 50 Trail Series 20 miler this weekend.  Please remember to update your race results on the club website!