Weekly Newsletter 7/3/14 – The Early Edition

We had yet another successful weekend of racing last weekend!  Here’s how our teammates fared in their races: IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene – Cristian Gonzalez (10:06), Sean Cercone (12:07); Avalon Islandman Triathlon- Steve Ostrander (1:17); Challenge AC Full- Jared Lando (11:37), Mike Frank (12:34), Ed Friedrich (14:48); Challenge AC Aquabike – Jen Sheppard (6:41, 2nd Female), Rich Miani (7:01), Dave Pietrangelo (7:08), Pete Cancila (7:20), Steve  “Shooter” Rosselli (8:24), Cheryl Tuosto (9:52); Challenge AC Relays – Danielle Rossi and Alminda Brundyn competed. Bald Bear Triathlon – Lauren Kruk (2:07, 3rd AG); Lincoln Park Triathlon – Tom Porrovecchio (1:31), Deirdre McGuinness (1:21), Diane Berry (1:22), Cheryl Wickham (1:39 – 1st ever triathlon); Toughkids Tri – Reese Frank (9:48, 1st Female – first tri ever). Reminder to please list your results on the club webpage – http://www.gctri.org/race-results/submit-results/

Holiday weekend means extra training opportunities – however seems like lots of people will be away!  Reminder -All rides will depart the 14th St. Ferry Pier.  Friday – Nicole & Shooter are leading an 80mi “A” ride departing at 7am. There were no scheduled rides for Saturday & Sunday – please use the FB group to get some rides together.  Please ride safely!