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Weekly Newsletter 6/18/15

Congratulations to those that raced last weekend! At Flat as a Pancake Tri – David Calabrese (1:01, 2nd AG), Andrew Corcione (1:10) Jamie Rice (1:10), Brian Perry (1:15), and Megan Lisbon (1:08, 1st AG); at the Oakley Mini 10K – Darla Mercado (53:53); at Lap the Lake 2.4 Mile Swim – Nicole Ogrosso (1:01, 2nd Female), Kevin Portmann (1:03, 2nd Male), Heather Cameron (1:13), Julie Percifield (1:15), John Callahan (1:20), Lisa Mangino (1:24), Janine Bodden (1:28), Paul Zaragoza (1:31), Stephen Rosselli (1:43); at the 1.2 Mile Swim – Ray Josephs (37:50), Diane Berry (45:22), Juan Carlos Buenano (47:30), Lauren Kruk (51:48); at the Asbury Icebreaker 1 Mile Swim – Lauren Karstens (21:55, 1st AG); at Mighty Montauk – Mark Horton (2:04, 2nd AG), Jamie Moreng (3:03), and Melani Tankel (3:13); and at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman – Matt Bach (4:11, 1st non-pro), Jared Tootell (4:17, 3rd non-pro), Darren Hansen (5:57), and Todd Olsen (6:38).

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend at IRONMAN 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse, and the Jersey Shore Triathlon! Don’t forget to meet up with the team in the TriClub area post-race at the IRONMAN events!

Save the date: the next social will be on Wednesday, July 1st, at Pier 13 in Hoboken at 7pm.

Weekly Newsletter 6/12/15

Congratulations to Vito Ciraco at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (3:08), Jay Henao at Run the Vineyards Old Country 10k (56:45), Laura Muzzatti at the Milton Subaru Triathlon (1:57), Darren Hansen at the NYRR Retro Run 4 miler (26:51) and at the Hoboken Catholic Academy 5k (19:39), David Doherty (3:16, 1st OA) at Challenge Quassy Aquabike Half, and Rich Bean (57:10) and Lauren Karstens (1:10) at Tri Lava Lette Sprint!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman, Lap the Lake, Flat as a Pancake Triathlon, Escape the Cape Triathlon, and the Ride for Autism! Don’t forget to submit your results after the race –

Since there are so many races this weekend, we do not have official group rides planned at the moment. If you’re looking to organize a ride, please coordinate through the Facebook group and club calendar.

Weekly Newsletter 6/5/15

Congratulations to everyone that raced last week! At the Black Bear Triathlon – David Doherty (2:25), Sean Greene (2:40), Matt Vella (2:44), RJ Boergers (2:49), Euan Stevenson (2:53), Debra Noble (3:25), Diane Berry (3:59), Steve Ostrander (3:00), Lauren Kruk (3:44), Janine Bodden (Sprint – 2:05), Lyndsey Dore (Half – 7:03); at Huntington Triathlon – Graziano Casale (2:01); at IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh – Raphael Zagury (4:42) and Jen Sheppard (5:22); at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k – Graziano Casale (56:40); and at the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge – Raphael Zagury (19:54), Stephen Rosselli (20:36), John Callahan (20:58), and Debra Noble (27:23), and at the SCI Awareness 5K Prospect Park – Glenn Hartrick (2nd OA handcycle, 12:14)!

Good luck to Vito Ciraco at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and Lauren Karstens and Rich Bean at the Lavallette Sprint Triathlon!

Thursday, June 11th, is our next club social event at the Dubliner in Hoboken. Come by and spend some time with your favorite triathletes when we’re not all wearing spandex!

If you want to ride this weekend with a group, please post to the Facebook page and calendar to organize. It looks like a great weekend to get outside!

Weekly Newsletter 5/29/15

Congratulations to our teammates that raced last weekend! At the Nav-e-Sink or Swim 1.2 miles: Jen Finotti-Sheppard (25:21), RJ Boergers (35:52), Diane Berry (40:52), James Anastas (36:30), Janine Bodden (36:31), Debra Noble (36:38), Todd Olsen (38:13), Lauren Kruk (50:57), at the Nav-e-Sink or Swim 2.4 miles: Rich Bean (54:54), Michael Zadroga (1:11), Anthony Desantis (1:12), Fabricio Pazmino (1:20), Nicci Schock (1:07), and at the Buffalo Half Marathon: Cheryl Wickham (2:58).

Good luck to those racing at the Black Bear Triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh this weekend! Don’t forget to send in your results to the website:

Andrew is leading a B ride on Saturday morning leaving from 14th Street and Sinatra Drive in Hoboken at 8:00am. Due to so many ride leaders racing this weekend, we are a little light on rides this weekend. Please use the club calendar or Facebook page to get some other rides together.

Save the date: the next club social will be on Thursday, June 11th at 7:00pm. Details (including location) coming soon.

Weekly Newsletter 5/22/15

GCTri members were seen all over the podium last weekend! Congratulations to John Callahan (13:23), Steve Rosselli (14:29), Jared Lando (12:10), and Nicole Ogrosso (12:57, 1st female team category) at American Triple-T (3-day, 140 mile triathlon tour); Kevin Portmann (9:45) at IRONMAN Texas; Dave Calabrese (2:39, 3rd AG), Lisa Moser (3:24, 2nd AG), Bridget Alois (3:17, 3rd AG), Lisa Mangino (3:14, 3rd AG), Matt Bach (1st OA, 2:14), David Conway (3:22), Vito Ciraco (3:10) at the HarryMan Olympic Triathlon; Nicci Schock (1:53) and Lauren Karstens (1:45) at the Superhero Half Marathon; Steve Ostrander (1:47) at the Wildwood Half Marathon; Darren Hansen (1:38), Darla Mercado Coyle (1:50), and Appoline Rillet (1:56) at the Brooklyn Half Marathon; Jared Tootel (1:43) and Will Regan (1:46) at Jerseyman Triathlon; Jen Sheppard (2nd Female OA, 2:36), Ray Josephs (3rd AG, 2:38), Deb Noble (1st Athen, 3:17) at the at the Great Six Flags Triathlon; Matthew Vella (6:55), Raphael Zagury, and Jenny Zarzuela at Gran Fondo New York, and Lauren Kruk and Debra Noble at the Bike MS 50 Miler!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend; especially our teammates at the Nav-e-Sink or Swim!

Save the date: the next club social will be on Thursday, June 11th.

On Saturday, we have 2 rides leaving from the 14th Street Ferry in Hoboken at 8:00am: RJ is leading a 70mi drop A ride to Rockland Lake via Tweed and Nicci is leading a no drop B ride to Toga/Rockland Lake. If you would like to ride on Sunday or Monday, please post to the club calendar!

Weekly Newsletter 5/14/15

Congratulations to everyone that raced last weekend, we had some very impressive results! Mark Horton won the Newburgh Half Marathon in 1:22:32, Beth McGill completed her first triathlon at the Kinetic Half (70.3) in 5:58, Darla Mercado went 1:51 at the Life is Good Peace Valley Duathlon, and at the HOHA 5 Mile Classic we had RJ Boergers (35:48), Suellen Byrne (41:15), Neil Verano (45:20), Darren Hansen (33:52), Graziano Casale (43:58), and Talis Knets (55:06).

Good luck this weekend to everyone racing at American Triple-T, HarryMan Olympic Triathlon, Gran Fondo New York, the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the Great Six Flags Triathlon, and Bike MS 50 Miler!

On Saturday, RJ is leading a 70 mile drop A ride to Rockland Lake via Tweed starting from 14th Street in Hoboken at 7:30am and Shelley is leading a 25 mile no drop C ride leaving from 14th street at 8am.

The May social is next Thursday, May 21st, at Cooper’s Union in Hoboken at 7pm. Come kick off Memorial Day weekend with your favorite tri club members when they aren’t in spandex!