Weekly Newsletter 5/22/15

GCTri members were seen all over the podium last weekend! Congratulations to John Callahan (13:23), Steve Rosselli (14:29), Jared Lando (12:10), and Nicole Ogrosso (12:57, 1st female team category) at American Triple-T (3-day, 140 mile triathlon tour); Kevin Portmann (9:45) at IRONMAN Texas; Dave Calabrese (2:39, 3rd AG), Lisa Moser (3:24, 2nd AG), Bridget Alois (3:17, 3rd AG), Lisa Mangino (3:14, 3rd AG), Matt Bach (1st OA, 2:14), David Conway (3:22), Vito Ciraco (3:10) at the HarryMan Olympic Triathlon; Nicci Schock (1:53) and Lauren Karstens (1:45) at the Superhero Half Marathon; Steve Ostrander (1:47) at the Wildwood Half Marathon; Darren Hansen (1:38), Darla Mercado Coyle (1:50), and Appoline Rillet (1:56) at the Brooklyn Half Marathon; Jared Tootel (1:43) and Will Regan (1:46) at Jerseyman Triathlon; Jen Sheppard (2nd Female OA, 2:36), Ray Josephs (3rd AG, 2:38), Deb Noble (1st Athen, 3:17) at the at the Great Six Flags Triathlon; Matthew Vella (6:55), Raphael Zagury, and Jenny Zarzuela at Gran Fondo New York, and Lauren Kruk and Debra Noble at the Bike MS 50 Miler!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend; especially our teammates at the Nav-e-Sink or Swim!

Save the date: the next club social will be on Thursday, June 11th.

On Saturday, we have 2 rides leaving from the 14th Street Ferry in Hoboken at 8:00am: RJ is leading a 70mi drop A ride to Rockland Lake via Tweed and Nicci is leading a no drop B ride to Toga/Rockland Lake. If you would like to ride on Sunday or Monday, please post to the club calendar! http://www.gctri.org/race-calendar/