Weekly Newsletter/Weekend Ride

Hello All,
Spring is around the corner and starting April 5th, we will begin our Thursday morning group rides once again.  The ride starts at 5:40 AM sharp and leaves from the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken.  We ride up River Rd and into Palisades Park and then race it home!  These are our most popular rides so don’t be afraid to join them no matter what pace you’re going.
We will also be switching the track workouts to Tuesday mornings starting April 3rd to coincide with Hoboken Masters switching to Mon/Wed/Fri morning workouts.
This weekend Andrew C will be leading a group ride on Saturday leaving the 14th St Ferry at 8:00 AM.  On Sunday Kristine and Lauren will be leading the ride leaving the 14th St Ferry at 9:30 AM so you can sleep in a little after your St Patty’s celebrations.
If you haven’t sent in your GC Tri Registration for 2012, please mail it to 358 6th St Apt 1L Hoboken, NJ 07030 or leave it for Andrew Shore at the Stevens Pool.
Happy Training,