Thursday Morning Bike

Hi All,

This week I will be leading the first Thursday morning ride of the season. We leave at 5:45 AM sharp so if you tend to stroll out of bed a few minutes later, try to meet us at the 14th St ferry in Hoboken at 5:40 AM. We will ride north up River Rd and into Palisades Park. Once in the park you will have the option to do an out and back on the carless park road or do some hill repeats on the first hill within the park. Once we finish up our hill repeats it has been tradition for the club to try and Time Trial it home. There will be all sorts of pace groups to bring it back so please come out and join the fun. As always helmets are required for all GC Tri rides and since we start before dawn, please bring your lights for these first few weeks.

Happy Training,

GC Tri