Weekly Newsletter

Hello All,
Congrats to Glenn Hartrick for finishing the Texas Marathon in 3:18 this past weekend.  Don’t forget to send in your results as the early season has begun for some of you out there.  GC Tri is proud to show off everyone’s awesome work!
This weekend Andrew C will once again be hosting a trainer session on Sunday morning.  Please email him at andrew.corcione at gmaildotcom as he has space for about 4 additional people.  For those of you willing to brave the elements Andrew will be driving up towards Strictly on Saturday to test out 9W.  Please email him at andrew_M_Shore at yahoodotcom if you are interested in joining the fun.
We only have 5 official GC Tri visors left and a few more hats.  Email to reserve one of the last to ensure you race in style.  And if you haven’t already let Rich know your size for the first official GC Tri race kit, please email him at ricbean01 at gmaildotcom.  We are getting in several samples next week that Andrew will bring to the pool for people to check out.
Happy Training,

GC Tri