Weekly Newsletter&Weekend Ride

Hello All,

This weekend will be the final group ride of 2010. Join Rich and Andrew C at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning at the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken. Saturday is supposed to be the warmest day of the week so take advantage.

As this will be the final newsletter of the year, GC Tri just wants to thank all the volunteers who have helped make the club run smoothly. Thanks to Mike, Megan and Nicole for organizing all the track workouts along with all of our bike group leaders! GC Tri is the only non-profit club in the New York City area and thanks to the volunteers, we plan to keep it that way!

Finally, don’t forget to order your official GC Tri hat or visor made by headsweats at . Also, email Rich at ricbean01atgmail if you are interested in getting the first official GC Tri racing kits by Sugoi.

Happy Training and Happy Holidays!

GC Tri