Weekly Newsletter

Hello All,
We have two big end of season races this weekend to cheer on for GC Tri.  The NYC Marathon will be on Sunday and there will be several GC Tri members cheering loudly on 1st Ave in the upper 80s.  Also, Scott Duprex and Julian Setian will be racing down at Ironman Florida. Good luck to everyone and send Andrew an email with your results so they can be shared with everyone.
This weekend Andrew and Rich will be leading a group ride on Saturday leaving the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken at 8:00 AM.  On Sunday, get into the city and cheer on those marathoners as it is very inspirational.
Finally, there have been some major changes over at Stevens with their master’s program.  Thanks to Coach Brad, we still have a program as he will be renting out the pool for us and continuing to coach the morning workouts.  Mornings will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Friday starting at 5:45 so we can get in our workout before the college team jumps in.  Andrew will be coaching on Monday evenings from 8 to 9 and Brad will be coaching on Wednesday evenings from 8 to 9.  For all the details on registration, payment and the updated schedule check out www.HobokenMasters.com.
Happy Training,