Weekly Newsletter

Hello All,

Congrats to Scott Dresden and Daniel Grabell for competing and finishing the Ironman World Championships down in Kona!

This weekend Andrew will be leading an easy ride on Saturday morning leaving the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken at 7:00 AM.  Also on Saturday, Kristin will be leading a long run into the city.  She is looking to run 20 miles at around a 10 minute pace.  If you are prepping for the marathon, take advantage and join her.  For more details please email Kristin at so she knows who is planning to join her.

This Sunday, Kristen Sykes will be heading out to do an awesome 11 mile trail run.  Her group will be doing around 9 min/mile pace and she can take several people in her car.  Please email Kristen at if you would like to join her.  For more details on the trail, check out this site: http://www.njtrailrunning.com/group-runs.html.

Happy Training,

GC Tri