Bike Route

Thanks to Raphael for the below:

Guys –
Pretty sure some of you may already know this but tried this route this weekend and thought about sharing with the group.
On my long rides to Harriman Park I hate having to go through Haverstraw (single line, construction and lots of commercial traffic). There is a 2mi stretch that is quite dangerous. This weekend I looked at the maps and decided to take a chance and try an alternate route that it’s actually pretty simple but involves an additional climb:
– When you get to Rockland Park keep going until you hit the second entrance to the Park. At this point, 9W intersects Co Rd 80.
– Make a left into Co Rd 80.
– Keep going until you get to Co Rd 33 and make a right
– Go until the end of Co Rd 33
– At this point you can either turn right to return to 9W or
– Turn left to go to Harriman State Park

Full details below:

Enjoy your ride!