Weekend Rides

This Saturday Mike and Kristin will be leading a group ride leaving the 14th St Ferry in Hoboken at 7:00 AM.  Kristin will be leading the less aggressive ride so take advantage!  On Sunday Nicole will be dancing away at Bonaroo so please post to if you’re looking to ride.  Please include what time you want to meet at the Ferry so we all know the plan.
To follow up on Andrew’s email, I plan to ride to the end of the park and then back home (most likely via 9W – but can be persuaded otherwise) which is 30 miles max. We’ll stick together for the River Road portion of the ride and if necessary, can go our own pace in the Park and on 9W (although, even then, I’m not breaking any speed records). This is a great ride for anyone that hasn’t been out with the group in awhile or who doesn’t want to commit to a longer ride (and I’m travelling for the next bunch of weekends, so take advantage now). See you Saturday!