Weekly Newsletter

Congrats to everyone who raced this past weekend.  We had two PR’s by Reggie and Will at the Superhero Half Marathon in Morristown with Andrew Corcione, Kristen Sykes, Mike D, Nicci and all of Mike’s first timers putting in great performances as well.  We even had a great outfit with Svenja going all dressed up as the Caped Gotham Girl!  Congrats also to Steve Su for an awesome first ever race at the Pier to Pier Duathlon!  Finally, congrats to Scott Duprex for taking 5th at the Jersey Shore Kickoff Triathlon.  Don’t forget to support all the Jersey Shore Multisport races.  They are great for beginners and the experienced and very close.  Find them all at jsmultisport.com.
This weekend is a huge weekend of racing for everyone at GC Tri.  Good luck to those racing at Black Bear, Pinelands, Columbia, Doc Sok, and everywhere else.  Don’t forget to send in your results.  GC Tri is having a great start to the season so let’s keep it going!
If you have photos from any of your races, please send them in to .

Happy Training,

GC Tri