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Swim Workouts

Hey Everyone,
Just a reminder that master’s swim practice has moved to the following:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 6-730am
Tuesday and Thursday: 8-9pm

If you are interested in signing-up or just dropping-in for a workout or two please navigate to hobokenmasters.com.

Master’s Swim Announcement

Stevens Masters Members Past & Present,

Starting Monday November 1st, Stevens Masters (STVN) will be known as Hoboken Masters.  Hoboken Masters is owned by and will be run by Hoboken Masters LLC, which I created in order to rent pool space from Stevens (and keep the team around).  I am attempting to make this change as easy as possible, but a few changes have to be made.  I have contacted every member who paid a 6 month or yearly membership according to my records about being reimbursed for remaining months on their membership. If you believe I made a mistake and missed you, please let me know.  Again, these changes go into effect Monday, November 1st.

Important Changes Starting November 1st:

—The Practice Schedule—

*No more Sunday practice.  You will be able to swim during any lap swim time on Saturday & Sunday’s on your own.
*You no longer will be able to swim during any lap swim time Monday-Friday.  Once the school purchases and implements a card swipe system (in the works, probably a few months down the road), this rule will be strictly enforced.
*Evening hours have been cut down.  I simply cannot afford to rent the pool four evening hours a week.  If more evening hours are requested and more members are swimming during evening hours, I can pay for more lanes, more hours, and more coaching.

Monday: 8PM – 9PM (3 Lanes)
Tuesday: 6AM – 7:15AM
Wednesday: 8PM – 9PM (3 Lanes)
Thursday: 6AM – 7:15AM
Friday: 5:45AM – 7AM
Weekends: Open Swim during any Adult Lap Swim time(2PM-8PM Saturday, 5:15PM-8PM Sunday)


*I am trying very hard to keep everything in line with how it has been.  Purchasing online (hobokenmasters.com) is the easiest way for me to process payments.  As of right now, I’m still waiting for my merchant application to be approved and the membership management system uploaded to the website.  Hopefully I’ll have it up by the end of next week. Unlike in the past, online payments are run through a different company and I don’t touch your credit card number.  You can still pay with check, please make it out to “Hoboken Masters.”  Here is the pricing structure:
Monthly (recurring & non-recurring): $60
Monthly (August / December): $45
2 Weeks: $30
6 Month: $300 (1 month free)
12 Month: $563 (2 months free + cost of 1-year USMS registration)
10 Practice Punch Card: $80 (good for 1 year)*Still working on the best way to create punch cards
Drop In Fee: $10 (Please contact Brad before dropping in)

Monthly, 6 Month & 12 Month memberships start on the 1st of the calendar month. 2 Week memberships start on the 1st or the 15th of the month.

—USMS Membership—
*During this transition period, paying for a membership will not require USMS registration until January 1st, 2011. Starting January 1st, in order to register you must be a USMS member.  USMS covers the insurance for the team, and therefore every person swimming at a Hoboken Masters practice will have to be a USMS member.

*You can register as a Hoboken Masters (HOBO) swimmer for 2011 starting November 1st.  Directions are on the website: www.hobokenmasters.com

The website is up and almost fully functional.  Online payments cannot be run yet, and the newsletter sign up is a few weeks away from working.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Brad Thornton

Swim Update

Masters Team,

Because of the growth of the college team, we are making a change to Friday AM practice for the remainder of the college season (until late February).  Here is the new schedule:

-Door to the pool will open at 5:40AM

-Warm up will be between 5:45AM – 6AM (we will have 5 lanes)

-Main Set will be 6AM-6:30AM (we will have 5 lanes)

-At 6:30AM we will consolidate into 2 lanes

-Practice will end at 7AM


Brad Thornton