Weekly Newsletter 7/24/15

Congratulations to our team that raced at NJ State Triathlon, which was the USAT Mid-Atlantic Regional Club Championships, and took home a 3rd place finish in our division! We had some great results last weekend, despite the heat! At NJ State Triathlon Olympic: Sean Greene (2:16), Vito Ciraco (2:26), David Calabrese (2:09), Diane Berry (3:17), Jennifer Finotti-Sheppard (2:12), Richard Boergers (2:27), Ray Josephs (2:18), Steve Ostrander (2:33), Lauren Karstens (2:44), Lyndsey Dore (2:51), Sara Press (2:40), Raphael Zagury (2:01), Michael Menter (2:39), Anthony Desantis (2:33), David Saul (2:27), Harris Shapiro (3:17), Jamie Rice (2:30), John Palmer (2:24), Gabrielle Rasure (2:46); at NJ State Triathlon Sprint: Graziano Casale, Debra Noble, and Chuck Dender; at the NYC Triathlon: Nicole Ogrosso (2:33), Brian Perry (2:33), Euan Stevenson (2:34), Juan Carlos Buenano (2:35), Derek Barnes (2:42), Jesus Climent (2:42), Howard Miller (3:29), Cheryl Wickham (4:17); and at the Door County Triathlon: Julie Percifield (6:00).

Good luck to those racing this weekend at IRONMAN Lake Placid, IRONMAN Canada, and Shoreman Triathlon!

There are a few group rides this weekend, all leaving from 14th Street and Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. Saturday there is a group leaving at 6:00am going to Bear Mountain (A pace, drop ride). Gabe is riding Saturday leaving at 6:15am, ‘B pace’, to Piermont and Brad is looking to ride at 8am or 9am to ride to Piermont or Nyack. If you plan to join Gabe or Brad, please let them know by FB messaging them.

Happy training!

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