Weekly Newsletter 10/17/14

Big ups to our Kona finishers: Jared Tootell (9:33), Carsten Hansen (10:53), Missy Manning (12:44)! Well done folks – we all aspire to be like you one day! Good luck to Lauren Kruk at the Runners World Half Marathon this weekend.

Save the dates: the November social will be on 11/15 in the afternoon (place to be determined). The Annual Holiday Bash will be on Friday December 5th (location to be determined still).

The off-season is the perfect time to work on your deficiencies. If your run can use some work, you will only benefit from the Run Clinic that Carlos Garcia will be having on Saturday 11/15 at Noon (we will go to the social after). Carlos will speak about drills that can help you, will help you find out flaws in your form, and will talk about planning your weekly runs. Please check that you will be attending on the club calendar if you plan on attending so we can adequately prepare.

Weekend rides: On Saturday we have the Tour de Defiant Brewery. The group will depart at 10am for our 30mi ride up to our delicious destination. Please see Lisa Mangino’s emails for full details. For those that can’t make the Brewery ride, John Palmer and Carlos Garcia are riding to State line and will leave at 7:30am on Saturday.