Tuesday Track

Hi everyone,
For tomorrow’s track workout we are going to do broken intervals. If you have been at the pool lately you’ll recognize this concept from some recent masters workouts:
Warmup: Jog to track, drills on infield
Set 1: 1200, 12 x 100
Set 2: 800,  8 x 100
Set 3: 400, 4 x 100
Set 4: 200, 2 x 100
Cool Down: Jog back to Hoboken
The first part of each set will be run at 5K pace and all 100s will be run all-out. We’ll take 30s rest after the first part, 15s between the 100s, and 90s between sets. The total distance is only 3.25 miles but they are fast intervals with short rest so you’ll be ready to stop at the end!
Meet at 9th & Park at 6:00am or at the track for a 6:15am start.