Open Water Swim Sessions

Ridgewood Tri Athlete: Open Water Swim Clinic
No black line to follow, No hard wall to push off! Take the mystery out of the open water with this race day dress rehearsal. Ridgewood Tri Athlete will offer you the tips, tricks, and techniques that will develop your comfort and shave minutes off your open water swim. Heighten your knowledge and boost your confidence, leaving the beach with a new appreciation for the open water!

Saturday May 14th @ 1:00 pm – (Ocean) Pier Village, Long Branch NJ
Wednesday June 1st @ 6:30 pm – (Lake) Montville, NJ
Note: We will be offering two separate Open Water Swim Clinics. Each will last approximately 2 hours.

What to Bring:
Swim cap (required)
Wetsuit (highly recommended)
Body Glide
Water Bottle

What You Will Learn:
Swim Start Strategy
Dealing With The Masses
Cornering buoys
Swim Exit
Wetsuit Removal
And Much More..
$50 per person $25 for RTA Athletes

Cash or check is preferred, but Paypal is available upon request. Checks can be made out to Ridgewood Tri Athlete and can be mailed to:
Ridgewood Tri Athlete 24 South Maple Ave, Suite 2 Ridgewood, NJ. 07450
Space is limited. Please send payment to reserve your spot today. Questions: Email RTA at