Track Workout

I, Rich, have been slacking on getting the track workouts up on the website.  Apologies for the late post.

Good morning,
We have been getting a great turnout at the track so be sure to come out and join us.  Here is tomorrow’s workout. We are increasing the distance slightly, but you do not have to complete the whole thing. If you want to do less, please revise set 2 to be 3 x 200.
Warmup: 2 laps + drills
Set 1: 3 x 1200 @ mile pace, 60s rest
Set 2: 3 x 400 @ mile pace, 30s rest
Cool Down: jog back to Hoboken
Meet at 9th & Park at 6:00am for a 6:15am start at the track. We will be back in Hoboken no later than 7:15.