Track Workout

Yeah, i know, this is from Wednesday and it’s now Friday.  I’m a little slow this week…well i guess i’m slow every week.

Good morning,
There are only a few more weeks of track workouts so come join us tomorrow before you hibernate for winter.  Tomorrow we will turn around last week’s workout and do a descending ladder:

Warmup: Jog to track
Descending Ladder: 1600-1200-1000-800-400-200
Cooldown: Jog back to Hoboken
Again we willl run each leg at 5K pace and do an active recovery by jogging 100m between intervals.  If you need more rest between intervals please jog 200m.  And if you need to shorten the workout you can remove the 1000 from the ladder.
Meet at 9th & Park at 6:15am to jog to the track or you can meet at the track on River Rd. in Weehawken for the 6:30am start. We should be back in Hoboken by 7:25am.