Thursday Track Workout


Tonight’s run…still endurance intervals, lucky you guys… 🙂

MEET: 7:30pm @ 11th and Park

WARM-UP: Jog to track, stretch, strides


2-4 x 400 with 1′ recovery
2-3 x 1200 with 3′ recovery
2-3 x 400 with 1′ recovery

*A group should complete all intervals = Total 6400 meters
*B group can do only 2 x 1200 = Total 5200 meters
*C group can do only 2 x 1200 and adjust the # of 400’s if necessary = Total 4000 – 5200 meters

NOTE: The first set of 400’s should get your system warmed up and prepared for the 1200’s. Manage your workout efficiently. The last group of 400’s can be done at a higher threshold.

NOTE:  You want to replicate or slightly increase the distance you ran last week at interval pace.

COOL-DOWN: Run home

TOTAL TIME: 65 minutes
TOTAL DISTANCE: 5.5 – 7 miles

See you out there!