Track Workout

My apologies for posting this after the workout has taken place.  I will update timely and more frequently going forward…


Tonight we are going to start our endurance training to accommodate the Fall Triathlons and Marathoners. We’ll do a couple weeks of base training then lead into build phase then speed. Sound good? Great.

MEET: 11th and Park @ 7:30pm

WARM-UP: Jog to track, stretch, strides
MAIN: 5 x 1600 on 1-minute active recovery

Description: The 1600 efforts are @ 10k effort. Consistency is important so don’t blow-up on the first interval. Recovery in between intervals is a jog NOT and stop/walk. If everyone is game I would really love to take this workout off-track so we can get some varied terrain. Maybe a run up Pershing Road :)…we can talk at the track.

TOTAL DISTANCE: approx. 8 miles
TOTAL TIME: approx. 70 minutes

P.S…be nice out there tonight. My legs are shot! 🙂