Thursday Night Track Workout

Megan won’t be in attendance but I thought it made sense to post the workout anyway.

More speed this week with a short tempo run in the mix. For those racing Born To Tri we can warm-up, stretch, strides, and do a couple of the lactate intervals. Or, just do the tempo run. Your pick.

MEET: 7:30pm @ 11th and Park

WARM-UP: Run to track, stretch, strides

Part 1 = TEMPO RUN: 16-minute run OFF TRACK @ high intensity (5K race pace) …we will do this run down River Road. This is a 8-minute OAB (out and back) totaling 16 minutes.
Part 2 = LACTATE INTERVALS: 8 x 1-minute @ max intensity w/ 3-minute active recovery (slow jog)

COOL DOWN: Run home

APPROX. TOTAL TIME: 60 minutes

Good Luck this weekend!
~ Megan