Tuesday Trackworkout

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the late notice about tomorrow’s workout.  This week’s workout is a descending ladder.  I won’t be there so please help each other with pacing and keep an eye on each other with the heat.
Warmup: Jog to track, 2 laps striders
Main Set: 1600-1200-800-400-200-100 (see pace below); 45s standing rest after each interval
Cooldown: Jog back to Hoboken
*Pace: start out between 5-10K pace and you want to increase your pace as you descend the ladder. With each step down, run approximately one second per lap faster than the preceding interval. Don’t worry too much about exact paces but focus on feeling faster with each step down.
The heat won’t be as bad tomorrow so we’ll go back to our normal time.  Meet at 9th & Park at 6:15am to jog to the track or you can meet at the track on River Rd. in Weehawken for the 6:30am. We should be back in Hoboken by 7:15am.