Tuesday Morning Track Workout

Here is tomorrow’s track workout:

Warmup: Jog to track, 1 lap striders
Set 1: 2 x 800 @ 10K pace; 100m jog between, 30s rest after set
Set 2: 8 x 200 @ mile pace; 15s standing rest between, 60s after set
Set 3: 4 x 400 @ mile pace; 100m jog between
Cool down: Jog back to Hoboken

The rest between intervals is short again this week to keep pushing stamina with the shorter distances. We’ll ease into the pace with set 1 but then we are going hard on sets 2 and 3.

Meet at 9th & Park at 6:15am to jog to the track or you can meet us at the track on River Rd. in Weehawken for a 6:30am start. We’ll be back in Hoboken by 7:15am. See you out there.