Thursday Track Workout

We are going to revisit last weeks workout since the weather was pretty nasty last Thursday. There are two workouts to chose from this week to accommodate those racing this weekend. If necessary, newbies can do 4-5 1200’s instead of the 6. MEET: 7:30pm @ 11th and Park —————————————————– WARM-UP: Jog to track, stretch, strides WORKOUT OPTION 1 MAIN SET (FOR THOSE NOT RACING): TEMPO RUN: Remember your tempo pace is one that you could maintain for up to an hour if it were a race. 6 x 1200 on 45-seconds rest **The 45-second rest will be enough to give a psychological break without letting your heart-rate totally recover. WORKOUT OPTION 2 MAIN SET (FOR THOSE RACING THIS WEEKEND): 1 x 1600 = In’s and Out’s: Jog the turns – Stride the straightaways 1 x 1600 = 5k effort Stretch…stretch…stretch!!! COOL DOWN: Jog home —————————————————– APPROX. TOTAL DISTANCE: 5 – 7.5 miles APPROX. TOTAL TIME: 60 – 65 minutes