Tuesday Track Workout

Hi all,
Congratulations to everyone that ran the NJ or Pittsburgh Marathons this weekend!
It looks like a beautiful morning is on tap for tomorrow so come join us on the track.  Here is this week’s workout:
Warmup: Jog to track, 2 laps drills + strides
Main Sets: 3 x 1200-400; with 100m jog b/w intervals and 60s rest after each set
Cool down: Jog back to Hoboken
We’re focusing on longer distance this week but our goal is similar to last week in that we want to run even splits over the course of the workout.  After each 1200 you will “float” (slow jog) 100m and then start the 400 right away.  You should push the 1200 at 5K pace and then try to speed up by a few seconds on the 400.  So if you run the 1200 in 5:15 (1:45 per 400) you should shoot for 1:40-1:42 on the 400.  Then take 60s rest before the next 1200-400.
Meet at 9th & Park at 6:15am to jog to the track or you can meet us at the track on River Rd. in Weehawken for a 6:30am start.  We’ll be back in Hoboken by 7:15am.
This workout is open to all ability levels.  We will work with you to modify the workout to fit your needs.  Let us know if you have any questions.  See you on the track!
Michael & Nicole