Thursday Evening Track Workout


Below is the workout for this evening.

I’m going to continue to send workouts every Thursday for the run. 7:30pm is becoming difficult for me to make regularly commit to because of work. The normal meeting time will continue to be @ 7:30pm.  And, I will continue to give everyone a heads up when I will and will not be there. Don’t let this keep you from getting out there. Discipline is important for a triathlete.

MEET: 7:30pm @ 11th and Park

WARM-UP: Jog to track, stretch, strides

MAIN SET: Tempo – Negative 800 Meter Intervals
Run 6 x 800-meters (1/2 mile). Maintain consistent interval times and rest between intervals.
Walk/jog 200 or 400 meters (1/8 – 1/4 mile) between intervals, depending on how hard you run the intervals.

**Don’t go out too fast for the first will pay for it. Your speed for each of the intervals should be 5 seconds faster than the previous – hence the name “negative split” 800 meter intervals.

Interval Breakdown
#1 = 5k pace
#2 = 5 seconds faster than #1
#3 = 5 seconds faster than #2
#4 = 5 seconds faster than #3
#5 = 5 seconds faster than #4
#6 = 5 seconds faster than #5

COOL DOWN: Jog home

APPROX. TOTAL TIME: 60 – 65 minutes