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Weekly Newsletter 7/3/14 – The Early Edition

We had yet another successful weekend of racing last weekend!  Here’s how our teammates fared in their races: IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene – Cristian Gonzalez (10:06), Sean Cercone (12:07); Avalon Islandman Triathlon- Steve Ostrander (1:17); Challenge AC Full- Jared Lando (11:37), Mike Frank (12:34), Ed Friedrich (14:48); Challenge AC Aquabike – Jen Sheppard (6:41, 2nd Female), Rich Miani (7:01), Dave Pietrangelo (7:08), Pete Cancila (7:20), Steve  “Shooter” Rosselli (8:24), Cheryl Tuosto (9:52); Challenge AC Relays – Danielle Rossi and Alminda Brundyn competed. Bald Bear Triathlon – Lauren Kruk (2:07, 3rd AG); Lincoln Park Triathlon – Tom Porrovecchio (1:31), Deirdre McGuinness (1:21), Diane Berry (1:22), Cheryl Wickham (1:39 – 1st ever triathlon); Toughkids Tri – Reese Frank (9:48, 1st Female – first tri ever). Reminder to please list your results on the club webpage –

Holiday weekend means extra training opportunities – however seems like lots of people will be away!  Reminder -All rides will depart the 14th St. Ferry Pier.  Friday – Nicole & Shooter are leading an 80mi “A” ride departing at 7am. There were no scheduled rides for Saturday & Sunday – please use the FB group to get some rides together.  Please ride safely!

Weekly Newsletter 6/20/14

We had an abundance of podium finishes for our talented team this past weekend.  Wyckoff Sprint – Marc Hourican (1:46), Matt Vella (1:53), Des Johnson (1:57), Lisa Mangino (2:01), Kristen Mulgrew (2:08), Sara Press (2:11), Wallyman Sprint – Nicole Ogrosso (1:19 1st OA), Derek Barnes (1:26, 1st AG), Diane Berry (2:02, 1st AG); Wallyman Olympic- Jen Sheppard (2:26, 2nd OA, 1st AG), Mike D’Imperio (2:46, 2nd AG); Tri the Village Sprint – Julie Percifield (1:28, 1st AG – qualified for USAT Oly Nationals); Tri One On Triathlon – Brian Lovato (1:45); Roughwater 1mi Swim – Dave Doherty (29:02, 1st AG).

Good luck to our teammates racing IRONMAN Syracuse 70.3, Mossman Half & Jersey Shore Triathlon.

The weather looks fantastic for training.  We’ve got a few options for rides for you.  All rides will depart the 14th St. Ferry Pier.  Saturday: RJ is leading an “A ride” 70mi to the Rockland Lake departing at 7am; Lisa is leading a “B ride” to Toga (~60mi) leaving at 8am.  Sunday: Mike Satz is leading an “A ride” to Rockland Lake (~70mi) departing at 7am; Diane is organizing a  “C ride” – see the FB page for details.  Please ride safely!

Weekly Newsletter 6/13/14

Another amazing weekend of racing in the books with some outstanding results from our team!  IRONMAN Eagleman 70.3:  Kevin Portmann (4:25), Mark Horton (4:53), Meredith Ryan (6:56), Vito Ciraco (5:41), Todd Olsen (5:55), Fabricio Pazmino (6:48); Wyckoff Lap the Lakes: Mike D’Imperio (39:59), Lisa Mangino (42:40), Jen Sheppard (1:04), Steve Su (1:13), Erica Manning (1:17), Kristine Papamichael (1:27), Maria Wedgeworth (1:30)  – Escape the Cape Sprint- Meredith Rodriguez (1:36), Jenny Zarzuela (1:33); Escape Cape International: RJ Boergers (1:55), Steve Ostrander (2:02), Danny Murphy (2:12),Howard Miller (2:28) ; Pawling Triathlon – Dani Rossi (1:49); Patanella’s Flat as a Pancake: Dave Calabrese (1:00, 4th OA, 1st AG), Dave Pietrangelo (1:02, 4th AG); Mighty Montauk Olympic Tri – Mark Smith (2:39, 4th AG); Great Chesapeake Bay Swim: Nicole Ogrosso (1:57), USATF NJ Junior Olympic Championships 1500m: 6 y/o Reese Frank (7:18)!

Good luck to our teammates racing Wyckoff Sprint Tri, Wallyman Triathlon, and Tri the Village.

Reminder that Monday 6/16 our Athlete Education Series continues with Dr. Peter Economou and Michael Gross speaking about the psychological aspects of training and racing.  This seminar will be held at 7pm at The Running Company in Hoboken.   You won’t want to miss this!

It looks like another great weekend for training.  We’ve got a bunch of options for rides for you.  All rides will depart the 14th St. Ferry Pier.  Saturday: Haskell is leading an “A ride” 90mi to the Orchards departing at 6am; Mark is leading an “A ride” (~65mi up through park to State line x 2 loops) departing at 7am; Nicci is leading a “B ride” to Nyack (~50mi) leaving at 8am.  Sunday: Mike Satz is leading an “A ride” to Toga (~60mi) departing at 5:30am; Nicci is leading a “C ride” departing at 8:30am (distance determined by group); Nicole is leading a “B ride” (40-50mi) leaving at 9am; Jared is leading a 90minute “B ride” leaving at 1pm.  Please ride safely!

Weekly Newsletter 5/23/14

Boom – GCTri all over the podium in early season races last weekend (and looking sharp in their GCTri race kits and visors)!!!  Congratulations to all of our talented teammates.  At Harryman Olympic we had: Kevin Portman (2:17, 3rd OA), Carsten Hansen (2:27, 1st AG), Steve Su (2:37, 3rd AG), Jen Sheppard (2:47, 1st AG), Erica Manning (2:59, 3rd AG), Kristine Papamichael (3:16), Matt Vella (3:21); At Jerseyman we had: Dave Calabrese (1:54, 3rd AG), Jared Lando (1:55, 2nd AG), Steve Rosselli (2:12), Heather Cameron (2:21, 2nd AG), Laura Muzzatti (2:32); At IRONMAN Texas we had Chris Gargiulo (11:40); At Red Bank Triathlon we had Mark Horton (1:21; 1st AG {sprint race}), Talis Knets (2:01 {his first ever tri}), Meredith Ryan (3:13), Dave Pietrangelo (2:30), Ed Burke (2:43), Steve Rosselli (2:50), Steve Fulop (2:52), Vito Ciraco (2:46), Mark Rogers (313), Mike Zadroga (3:15, and he got engaged after!); at Brooklyn Half Marathon: Des Johnson (1:43), Christine Hadermayer (1:53), Ed Nutt (1:55); at American Triple T we had: Nicole Ogrosso (12:44 – 2nd OA Female Team); at Pocono Run for the Red Marathon Brian Perry went (3:03; qualified for Boston); at Gran Fondo NY Juan Carlos Buenano finished in (6:13).

Good luck to our club members racing the Great Hudson River Swim, the Nav-E-Sink or Swim and IRONMAN Brazil.

If you ordered items from Custom Ink please contact RJ to figure out a time to pick up your order.  If you want to look awesome at your races, we still have yellow GCTri visors available for $15.

We have a few options for rides this weekend.  All rides meet at the 14th st. ferry pier.  On Saturday:  Matt Vella is leading a 60mi “A” ride to Toga departing at 6:30am.  Nicci Schock is leading a “C” ride through Palisades Park departing at 8am.  On Sunday: Christine Hadermayer is leading a “C” ride (25-30mi pace set by group) leaving at 9am.  Hopefully you can take advantage of the long weekend to get some great training in!

Weekly Newsletter 5/16/14

Congrats to our GCTri teammates who had awesome finishes at the HOHA 5 Mile Classic last weekend: Heather Cameron (39:32), Diane Berry (50:59), Anthony DeSantis (40:19), Christina Ippolito (43:35), Christine Hadermayer (38:31).    Please remember to submit your results to the club website It’s a big week of racing this weekend!  Good luck to our teammates at Jerseyman, Harryman, Red Bank Triathlon, IRONMAN Texas 70.3 and Gran Fondo NY.

We’ve got a great week in store for you!  On Monday 5/19, Nicci Schock will be speaking at the Triathlete Nutrition Seminar at 7pm at The Running Company.  On Thursday 5/22, we will be having a social at 7pm (location TBD based on weather – hopefully we can go somewhere outside – stay tuned for more information).  If you haven’t made a track workout yet you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s extremely motivating when you see over 20 of your teammates working hard; there’s plenty of different pace groups so stop by!

Rides this weekend:  Please keep in mind that Gran Fondo NY is on Sunday so 9W is going to be closed! On Saturday we have 2 rides scheduled: 8:00am – Raphael will be leading an “A” ride to Nyack (~50mi); at 8:30am – Lisa will be leading a “B”ride to Nyack (~50mi).  All rides depart from the 14th St. ferry pier.  Please keep on eye on the group FB page and club calendar for other additional options.

Weekly Newsletter 5/2/14

Congrats to all our GCTri teammates who finished the Long Branch Half Marathon: Carsten Hansen (1:25, 1st AG), Lisa Mangino (2:04), Nicole Ogrosso (1:47), Deb Noble (2:06), Jim Englert (2:00), Todd Olsen (1:43).  Congrats to NJ Marathon finishers: Lyndsey Dore (3:45) and RJ Boergers (3:36).  Good luck to our teammates racing Bassman this weekend: Mark Smith, Carsten Hansen, Jared Lando, & Lyndsey Dore.   Also, good luck to Steve Su, Mike D’Imperio and Steve Rosselli racing Escape the Palisades Half Marathon.  Please remember to submit your results to the club website

If you ordered GCTri t-shirts or track jackets, please pay via paypal to:   Jen will be placing the order and we will likely have all merchandise in a couple of weeks.

There are three rides to choose from this weekend (all rides meet up at 14th St. Ferry Pier).  On Saturday, Jared Williams is leading a “B”ride up to state line that departs at 8:30am.  Nicci will be leading a “C” ride leaving at 9am (distance determined by group).  On Sunday, Shelley Palumbo will be leading a “B” ride (distance determined by group).  Weather finally looks good – happy training!